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    Best place to shop bilge pumps?

    So where is the best place to shop/compare brands of bilge pumps? Who has the better prices, or are they are similarly priced?

    Id like to get at least 1 pump, but i want to know that im getting a good, reliable brand and size/capacity. Ive never had to buy one before so I dont know which brands are the most reliable etc.

    Plus, whats an average capacity for bailing an RXP when the carbon seal lets go?? I want to install at least 50% more bailing capacity than is needed. I want to do this mod once, feel secure and be done with it.


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    Academy Sports has everything you need for this project and has great prices.

    Here's a "HOW TO" thread and document to answer all your questions, see page 3 post # 22 for the latest document:

    have fun


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    There was a sticky in the seadoo sections someone had killer how to that is the model I used. I used a 500 gallon but may have needed to use a 1500. Several others I know used this large of a bilge pump. By the way I bought mine from ebay.

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    PWC Auto bilge

    You really want to get a Rule - PWC auto bilge. It kicks on every few seconds to detect for water, in none is present it turns back off.

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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the responses and links! I'm pretty much a brand whore and I try to go with the better brands when i can, not just the cheaper prices. It looks like Rule pumps cost more and are about as popular as any brand. Therefore, im assuming its a nice brand and will be reliable?

    By the way, I notice that these Rule pumps dont kick on untill under 2 1/8in of water....from memory, that sounds deep enough to just about get water into the intake tube at the SCer, huh?

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    I went with a Rule 1100 on mine,scored it off ebay cheap.

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    Rule all the way!!!

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