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    97 1100 STX flushing. Kaw plumbing su..s (does not work)

    On my STX, flushing with the hose connected to the factory fitting creates an air lock and prevents flow thru the head and a good flush (I run in the bay and need a good flush). This weekend I cut into the cooling line from the pump and flushed it that way and it worked great, head stayed cool and I was able to flush long enough to do some good. I will install fittings that will make it easy to flush this way from now on. I had cleaned all the water jacket cooling passages when I had the top end apart is why I am sure it is an air lock issue.

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    I finally took my '98 1100 STX out this past weekend for the first time since I bought it 6 months ago. Ran pretty good! It seems to suffer the same problem that you spoke of, head gets very hot while on the hose. It stay reasonably cool on the water.

    I'm going to add an inlet water strainer to mine, I think I'll also install a flush port while I'm at it.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Where will you get the water strainer?

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    I ordered it from Island Racing, in New York. They have several to choose from.

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    wow, great suggestion. thanks

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