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    Newbie with problems imagine that

    I have a 98 yamaha xl 1200.

    I think I have an electrical problem. I think I'm not getting any spark, where should I start? I've already changed the spark plugs twice. How do I test?

    Pulled out my ski to get it ready for the summer. Installed new battery changed spark plugs. Tried cranking, was turning over but wouldn't start. Tried that for a little while (5 min) finally started. Ran for at least 5 min then started to run rough gave it a little gas to keep it running did that for about a min or 2 then let off it ran for about 30 seconds the died. Now it won't start.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    You should probably 1) Tell us what kind of ski you have...then 2) Move this post to the appropriate area on the forum for your ski, you will get much more help that way.

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    Ideally, this should be posted in "old school" section, but a couple little things since you're here.
    Old fuel ? Did you use fuel stabilizer?
    That ski is hard to start cold. You need to get a primer kit installed. Until such time, pull a spark plug, squirt a dropper full of gas in, re-install plug and hit starter. May take up to three attempts but it will sure save the battery.
    You say you had it running for 5 minutes, I hope "on the hose". If you don't already know: start ski, turn on water, let run, turn off water, turn off ski. Never run hose without motor running.
    Good luck.
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    Yes it is old fuel from last year. Yes I did use fuel stabilizer. I'll try the gas trick you talk about. Next I'm going to drain old fuel and put in new fuel. After that it's on to electrical I guess. I'll prolly have to send it to the shop for that. Yes I had it on the hose while it was running.

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    90% of electrical problems are actually carb wouldn't hurt to go through them maybe some gummed up fuel in the filters or something. I'd start there (removing and rebuilding carbs) before you bend over for the dealer. Ethanol fuel sucks a$$

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    How many hours on ski?
    How long have you owned it?
    When, if ever, were the carbs gone through last?
    Have you tried to start again since your first post?
    Have you checked the white supply fuel line filter?
    Make sure you use the blue marine formula Stabil brand of fuel stabilizer, it also counters the ethanol.

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    I got it running. Took spark plug out of first cylinder diped in gas and put it back in. She cranked up on the first try. Been starting it for the last couple of days and it starts on the first crank every time. Every once in a while it will kinda pop a little or sound like it's bogging down while it's running so I'm thinking the whole time it was the gas. Just weird that it would start and a little gas on the spark plug got it running and now it runs every time. I'm just glad it didn't cost me anything. And it's running. Thanks for all the help everyone.

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    My first ski was a '97 GP760. Bought it from a farmer who had ethanol free gas delivered to his storage tank. He left the ski full of gas for me. Started right up first time I rode it. Filled up tank for second right with 10% ethanol gas and she would not start for anything. Saw some snowmobile technicians in the airport and told them about it. In unison they replied, "Ethanol".
    They told me about Stabil to counter the Ethanol. Bought some, poured in tank, sloshed around, and fired it up. I really had no idea the extent to which old gas, bad gas & ethanol in gas affected waverunners.

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