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Thread: MFD issue

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    MFD issue

    I posted yesterday about not being able to find a new MFD.. Everyone is telling me to check the classified. I am not able to check them because I havent posted enough times. I Just bought the 1999 SLX. When I bought it the guy said it worked great, but when I got it home I noticed that there was alot of moisture in the MFD screen. I have since gotten the water out but it still doesnt work. Can these be repaird or am I out of luck. Also could this be why the LED blinks all the time the battery is connected. Should I just disconnect the MFD and hope for the best.

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    If there was water in it, it is probably shot.

    It looks like it should be an 8-pin connection. I have a couple in fair condition....I could probably let go of one. PM me if you're interested.

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