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    Ultra 300x

    would it be cheaper for me to order a 300x from over sea's and have it shiped to australia and is it possible? they are about 23-25k here

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    Everything is possible. I would give Craig a call at Wollongong City Jetski and see what price he can do for you. I heard the pwc's are cheaper than $22,000 brand new in Australia and come with a full warranty. May I ask where did you see it for $23,000 to $25,000?



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    my mate got a price from mackay kawasaki. i have herd they are selling for round 17k us? is this just a romour

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    Last week got mine 300x for 16499 Canadian Dollars

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    i paid 17K out the door with taxes trailer and 5 year warranty US florida

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