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Thread: Front oil seal

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    Front oil seal

    Found oil in my Stator.....about 1/3 quart......figured it was a seal leak....engine out and flywheel off...looking at the seal....can't see anything wrong but there was oil in the flywheel do you remove the oil seal??...and then how to put the new one in??

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    oops.....2000 900 STX, Kawasaki

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    on the ultras they have oil there an actually theres a site plug to watch as your putting oil in the 900 goes i dont know.

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    I recently bought an 1100 engine, which has the same case as yours. It also had oil in it. It's not supposed to, but it's amazing how many people think the plug on top of the stator cover is for putting oil in. NOT TRUE!

    As pokechop said, the Ultra 150s DO use oil in the front to lube the balance shaft.

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    "if" it is oil, that some one, mistakenly added, jsut clean it up, and reassemble.

    to replace the front crank seal, you must dissassemble the motor, and split the cases. i would do a leak down test, to check the crank seals first.

    if it is as much oil as you say, i would guess some one added it, as that is ALOT for a leak.

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    Thanks guys for the replies....I did pull the engine and replaced the seals...lot of work but now I know oil isn't leaking...same problem spark...replaced stator..still no spark

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    I'd start by checking the start switch/kill switch.

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    alll the grounds hooked up ? should be one from batt to elect box.

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