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    water in exaust system

    can someone please tell me the main purpose of why there are water jackets surrounding the exaust system. Obviously its for cooling but is there any need for this to be hooked up? And what is this water bypass kit you can buy off riva saying it will bypass water into the exaust because it is being wasted ? thanks guys

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    What ski? And mostly it keeps egts down helping preserve engine life best I can figure

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    Yeah, it's for cooling...You have 1200 degree exhaust gases exiting the engine...if there were no water to cool it, it would melt the aluminum pipe, and then the hull...probably start a fire as well....and YES it absolutely HAS to be hooked up. There is also water that is injected into the exhaust stream, to cool the water box and tune the pipe further. You CAN bypass some of this water, which are what some of the various "water bypass mods" do. Try the search feature to find more info on it.

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