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    2001 Virage stalls at full throttle

    It starts right up, idles fine. I give it full throttle at it runs awesome for about 5 - 10 seconds and quits. no lights on the dash or anything.

    The first time this happened a few weeks ago, after the ski was sitting for a few months. I took it out for the first time of the season, it ran great for about 25 minutes. I was hauling a$$ for about 15 minutes and it just shuts off. I had to choke it to get it to restart after sitting dead in the water for a couple minutes. Got it fired back up, and headed back to the ramp. Was running fine again, till i hit full throttle, then would die after about 40 seconds. Choked it, and restarted it back up, ran it at half throttle and went along great. I decided to hit full throttle again just to see if it was fine, and it died again. Well, I got it back on the trailer and pulled off the seat. I noticed a hose clamp had broken off of one of the hoses. Looks like an exhaust hose I am guessing.

    I replace the hose clamp, take it back out today, 2 weeks later, and it is doing the same thing, only worse, cannot even get it on plane for more than a few seconds at a time before it will die. I filled up the gas tank today before i put it in the water. But never removed the old gas.

    Any clue as to where I should start looking?

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    When it stalls, does it crank slowly when you immediately try to restart it, or crank normally but not actually start?

    Need to figure our of the cause is mechanical or electrical.

    Have you checked the basics, like oil hoses in place and not kinked?

    Has the carburetor ever been taken apart and internally cleaned?

    Check cylinder compression.

    Check inside the electrical box for signs of moisture or corrosion.

    If water testing is required, you can do so with the hull firmly strapped down to the trailer, backed down the launch ramp until jet pump intake is submerged. That way you can observe with the seat off, and even apply throttle.

    The Virage uses a special Start/Stop module, which can be bypassed for testing. You can find the details through my signature links.

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