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    gp1300r or gp1200r

    Hi guys need some advice i have a 2006 gp1300r non power valve wot i use for racing how hard is it to get triples for it and what else would i need for all this to work or would it be better to sell it and get a gp1200r and start again and could i leave it as efi or could you put carbs on it any pics would be good many thanks guys

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    Did it on mine back in '06. You have to switch to carbs, either change out electronics and use an advent for ignition or use a MSD ignition. Non power valves will not work on tripples. So you have to change cylinders.

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    make your life easier, stay EFI...sure you can get alot more speed with the right carb /triple pipe set up... but what I've read most in the 3 yrs on GH, there are more maintenance , tuning and reliabity issues than anything else...but if your up to the challenge, know how they function and read the top carb tuners on GH,then good luck with your project

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