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    Selling near new f12-x

    Hi there peeps wanting to sell my 2006 f12x I bought I 2 months ago brand new it has now done 33 hours I am wanting to sell it to buy a kwaka.
    I havnt done much to the ski it has a air filter kit from h20xtreme and bov and comes with a straight exhaust no mufflers the exhaust hasn't been fitted yet.
    I was keen as on this ski but after everything I read in the Honda section of this forum it makes me think that maybe it's just not to ski for me i believe it's an awesome machine nice and quick smooth and agile but there seems to be limited stuff you can do. I advise anyone who hasnt had a Honda to read through this forum as it is very helpful and will help u decide if it is the ski for you.

    Looking for Around 14k

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    It comes with trailer both ski and trailer have a year rego
    Location qld

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    14k was more than the price of my new f-15x...

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    they are alot cheaper in us

    u guys can get 300ultras for 12 grand we get them for 21 with our dollar so good atm its awesome to buy ski's from ur country and send them here save almost 10-12 grand

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