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    2000 kawasaki 1100 di not firing

    here is the problem a friend asked me to help him with his 1100 di. it had been sitting for over 18 months drained tank replaced fuel pump, and installed battery. had fuel pressure but no fire. gauge showed low fuel and flashed battery. but the tank was full of gas. after some electric checking had to replace the crank sensor it started and ran the next day for about 35min then died and wouldnt restart still flashing battery and fuel. tested the stator and found the 12volt side was bad replace stator still not firing. any suggestions?

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    let me know if you want to part the ski out.

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    check the current from the cdi box to the distributor or coil should be 12 volt s
    also check the start stop button for corrosion, you may have to take it apart and clean the contacts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoproken View Post
    check the current from the cdi box to the distributor or coil.
    No CDI on the DI ski. It has water cooled EMM.

    You need KDIAG software and special comm cable to diagnose properly. Otherwise, you will be throwing all kinds of new parts to fix until you get it right, like a shot gun repair.

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    1 - the fuel sensor: you need to pull it out and clean it. there are 4-5 floating devices that are stucked. get them free.
    2 - when you said not firing, I assume that there is no sparks. Check your fuel injectors. disconnect the 45V connectors at the injector and crack it to see if you have sparks. DOn't forget to check the ground at the ignition coils.

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