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    Mounting GoPro HD on craft

    Where do you guys mount your GoPro on your Waverunner? Do you use the suction cup and tie it for safety in case it comes off?

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    This is a Go pro hd with suction cup mount on a stand-up. Moral of the story-go to Wests Marine, or any Marine store, and buy 2 key chain floaties and attach them to the suction cup mount either with the key chains, or Duct Tape.
    I tested this setup beforehand so I knew it took 2 floaties to make it float with that mount. You only need 1 floaty for the other mounts.

    Always tether, or have some sort of flotation device on the camera/mount, and always test the flotation first.

    This was the first time I have ever had a Go Pro fall off a boat, and I'm glad it worked(floated).

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    i not longer have my HD gopro or mount or 32gb kingstone card as it sleeps with the fish's

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    I took about 3" of foam pipe insulation and wrapped it around the first section of the suction cup arm... floats it with the cup out of the water about 2 or 3 inches so you can see it bobbing like a cork... I was paranoid on my first outing so I used a big wire tie to keep it with the ski... and even though I'm confident the suction cup won't come off if properly applied, I'll still tie it on there if it's used on the rear of the ski just so I won't leave it a mile up river if I forget to keep an eye on it... if it's on the front somewhere, I'll see it fall off and can retrieve it before I get too far away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeFZR View Post
    Haha, I just did a Search to find this Search

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