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    Weird GP1200r Problem

    This is a stock GP with exception of d-plate and chip, and the air silencer removed. Carbs are clean, and accel pump is working.

    Going from idle to WOT, the engine will rev right up to 5000 rpm, then hold there for about 5 seconds, then runs strong up to around 8000. If you stay at WOT, it will run full speed no prob.

    I don't think its in the carbs, maybe pv issue???

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    Sounds like pv's sticking

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    Did you rejet for the increased air from the airbox removal?

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    I don't think that's been done. I was handed the ski at this stage. I just cleaned the carbs and replace parts as needed. I'm gonna pull them back off and recheck things. Does that air silencer make a diff?

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    Pop off press is over 60 psi

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    Gold springs! That can't be good...

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    Ok, definitely in the pow valves. When I disconnect the cables and run it revs up fine, if I have the valves in a certain spot. This was done in the water on trailer. All the valves do move freely.
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