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Thread: Wind!!

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    Got to go out on my ski again today. I live in south east Tennessee but I swear we have got the Santa Anna winds down here over the past month. Hard to even hold it on the water.

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    I hear ya! Same in SoLA: WINDEEEEE!

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    Been windy as hell down here on the east coast of FL as well, afternoon rides home from work on the interstate aren't pleasant. My full size pick up has been getting blown around like it's a Yugo.

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    Went out in OH saturday, same thing. I couldn't figure out why the ski was crabbing sideways until I turned around and it went the towards other side. Didn't do much in the way of "balmy" temperatures either!

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    Welcome to my world been terrible here in Oklahoma/Texas area for the last three weeks! Try driving a 18 wheeler in that shit!

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