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    Stupid mistake please help.

    I had the carbs off my 97 GTX to replace the grey lines and I put two small 2" x 2" rags into the ports to prevent anyhting from falling in. The irony is I forgot to take the rags out before bolting carbs back up and attempting to start. I ended up sucking one of them past the rotary valve which prevented the engine from turning by starter until I turned it backwards by hand. I can turn the engine in full unrestricted revolutions with no binding anymore.

    My million dollar question is where would I locate the rag and could I have broken anything?

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    that sucks need to pull the motor and take the jugs off. you maybe able to get it out but my bet is your going to have to split the case to make sure you got all the rag out.

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    I would try using one of those long grabber things first. I dont know what the name is, but you squeeze the top and a three prong claw comes out the other end.

    Align the motor so the rotary valve is open over the hole it went in and stick that claw in there. Reach around a bit and see if you can snag it out. I think you could get it out like this.

    Otherwise, yeah prob pull the jugs. You should be able to grab it with the jugs off, but that is a lot of work...


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