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    New to greenhulk need some help

    hey guys..

    My name is Dave i am in Australia, Ipswich. i own a 05 seadoo GTI LE RFI and am looking at doing some basic mods to get some more out of the motor. I would like to start with the basic stuff like intake, exhaust and spark plugs. I would also like to learn about the basic servicing etc and maintain the ski a little bit better overall.

    if you have any suggestions please fell free to post. thanks

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    Welcome to the forum.. A helpful hint: Use the search bar for most of your questions. More than likely they have been asked previously. Look in the How-To section to find any methods to doing or performing maintenance. Changing your own oil is a money saver in itself as well as spark plugs, wear rings, props, etc. It will teach you the basics of your ski and the overall 'preventative' maintenance of your ski. You will learn how things work, as well as how the ski should perform. As far as the exhaust mod, in ski's unless you are going turbo, it really has NO (0) performance increase. With a new waterbox and thru-hull some see a jump in acceleration. However, that is usually on SC boats with large SC's. Basic performance upgrades for a GTI would probably be as follows: Intake, Pump wedge with VTS extension, fill the ride-plate holes(free mod that gives a proven 1-1.5 mph) If you go with the wedge(angles the exit nozzle up 2 degrees to get the front out of the water and usually good for 1-2 mph) be sure to shave your reverse bucket down. I would also recommend that you get a top loader intake grate depending on what type of water you ride in (flat or chop) it will help with the hook up. Also, removing the O.P.A.S. will help a little with control and not allow the steering to be so rigid. Just a few things I did to my GTI and it makes it worth it IMO!! Good Luck. Remember, THE SEARCH IS YOUR FRIEND as well as the HOW-TO section. Again, welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks mate, did a thorough search prior to posting, im an avid car enthusiast and this whole PWC modifying is a new concept to me, there were quiet a few ideas, none of which actually made any sense to me.

    i will investigate your ideas and let you know how i go, cheers once again

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    Feel free to ask as many questions as needed. Tons and tons of information here available to you. Also, a wealth of people can help too..

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    Flame Arresters - i have been told they greatly improve acceleration. Do these simply bolt on off the shelf or are they a modified air intake silencer?

    Water intake pipe - bigger = better?

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