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    Where to buy fuel lines for 95/96 XP?

    Ive been looking all over the net for replacement fuel lines... Do they sell a kit? Or do I just buy the correct size fuel line and cut it to length myself?

    What size lines do I need?


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    Just buy the correct size and cut it to your own lengths. I think I got about 20 feet and had some left over. It's really not that hard. Just takes some time. Any auto parts store should have the fuel line. I got mine at do-it-best. You're going to need to pick up some hose clamps as well. I think I used about 12 to 16 of them in my 97.

    Hopefully someone will chip in about what size is used in a 96.

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    im not shure the size if i had to guess its prob. 3/8 i.d. take a piece with you. any part store will sell it by the foot. just dont get fuel injected hose. good luck with your project.

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    Thanks guys! Being new to pwc's, I'm finding myself over thinking thing's

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    95/95 XP's need approx. 12~14ft. of 1/4" i.d. Fuel lie to replace everything under the Seat.
    You can buy it by the foot from

    Low Pressure SAE Fuel Hose 1/4" ID, 1/2" OD, 50 PSI, Black, 25' Length
    In stock
    Quantity Per Ft.
    1-99 Ft. $0.94
    100 or more 0.72

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