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    Question ------------1995 sea-doo xp R&D 85/88 nozzle kit------------

    can you use a R&D 85/88 nozzle kit on a 95 xp if you have a factory pipe?

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    do u hav to hav the factory pipe?

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    no, rossier. Factory pipe makes awesome numbers, but really really pushes it on pump gas, especially if you have other mods

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    so u dont need a factory pipe to hav a r&d 85/88 nozzle

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    no not at all, you can put 85/88 nozzles on a stock ski or a race ski, all they do is add about 1.5 mph and help handling a little bit. You lose a little bit of bottom end, but gain some top.

    If I were you man I would really try and get a 787. At least post your ski on craigslist or something and see if anyone bites. Try and find a 96 xp for around the same price. You'll be so much happier trust me

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    is it easy to swap for an 800?

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    Yep slide your ski off the trailer & put the 800 ski on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by water worx View Post
    Yep slide your ski off the trailer & put the 800 ski on.
    haha exactly. You could prob find a 96 for just about the same price you could sell yours for.. maybe

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