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    701 (62T) Rebuild - First Timer Question

    Hey all,

    I lost a rod bearing in my daughters 95 WV, I took it apart to do a new crank and top end. Anyway once I was able to get into the crank case I see a roughed up area where the rod was hitting the crankcase when the bearing failed.

    So my question, does the crankcase area below the crank need to be honed like cylinder walls or is it okay for the metal to be imperfect? When I say roughed up, it has some grooves and gouges though none of them are terribly deep and you can run your finger over them without hitting any burs or raised spots. I don't have a way to measure how deep but an estimate would be half a hair deep. Being my first rebuild I don't know if that will cause a problem.

    Thanks in advance for advice,
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    As long as the case isn't distorted or otherwise destroyed, its ok to reuse a scored up case. Just clean it up/smooth it out a little bit with some sand paper.

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    Im guessing this would apply to my gp cases as well. After reading your post, I looked at mine and theyre not as bad as I was thinking, LUCKILY! Thanks for the info too!

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    be sure there are NO cracks. do a leak down test, after you assemble the motor.

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