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    Prayers to any and all GH members affected by the tornados

    With the death toll rising I just wanted to send out prayers and best wishes to anyone affected by the recent storms tearing up the south. We were very fortunate, a tornado missed our house by less than 1000 yards but some in our community were not as lucky.

    Everyone, count your blessings and please do what ever you can to help those less fortunate. Help a neighbor with debris removal, donate blood, money, clothes, or furniture to the Red Cross. Do anything you can because next time you may be the one needing help.

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    Man Tony glad your Ok yeah that thing was NASTY

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    Hope everyone is OK.

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    We had a EF2 go through our Air Force Base here and it wiped out a bunch of base housing. No deaths that I am aware of but it sure made a mess, tossed cars like soda cans, damaged aircraft. The town just North of me in Vilonia AR got hit really hard.

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    its really screwed up the place known for tornadoes hasnt had one yet

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