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    new here and have a question or 2

    i just got a 97 760 venture got it cheep , the gauge set is not coming on what should i check? where can i find parts cheep new that thing is 400 bucks .
    Has anyone ever put a fuel flow gauge on there ski , one like an outboard boat would have?
    Where can i find out what the different ride plates will do for me?
    Thanks for any help

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    You'll have better luck posting in the "old school" section.
    Use the search function.

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    thanks did search not much there will repost

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    first thing ,I would check the connections where the engine and electrical wires plug together..
    do you have a good battery? if the venture is like the GP it will kill a marginal batterys charge in a few weeks time as its a live memory dash..
    possible corrosion ..use a good contact cleaner and dielectric grease when reattaching (some of those connectors are taped over so you'll have to dig or verify runs with continuity tester..

    as to plates/grates ect.. the venture is more limited to fewer aftermarket parts than most other hulls as its normally not hop'd up.. best bet ,if no one answers is to look at the Protec, Riva ,and R n'D sites to see what is and what may have been offered.. you can try a call or web visit to Island Racing they built some of the fastest XL's and its older sister ,the wave venture..

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