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    fx 140

    500hrs fx 140 sudden hard start...

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    spark sometimes, sometimes it won't it will fire up when it sparks... where is the ground wire connected on the engine?

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    There's a ground wire underneath exhaust manifold near the starter.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And pretty sure these guys on the port side are something ground-related.

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    ok. ground didn't solved my problem... i have a spark problem, sometimes it will spark sometimes it won't,... can sombody have a water cooling routing of my fx140? i want to clean my water lines, because when i tried to flush my skii the left outlet port, water will not come out...

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    ok my fx140 won't start, so how to check if i have a spark issue or fuel? injector problem?
    change the spark plugs already
    no error codes, when i tried to jumper with a battery it will start, but no idle, then dies again, and won't start again

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    i had an intermittent no spark on the #2 Cylinder. I also suspected my plug wires to have broken down. I have a 2004 FX140. My solution was to swap the coil packs but eventually I just bit the bullet and got a new coil setup from ebay for 60 shipped. They can be had pretty cheap if someone is parting out a unit, if not they can be pretty expensive. Known issues with these appear to be the coils or the ECU after a while. See if you can swap them out with a known good unit OR perform the tests in the Service Manual, good luck.

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    I never had this problem on our FX-140's, but one of our RXT's had a hard starting issue one time and it turned out to be the starter solenoid. Dealer diagnosed and replaced it under warranty. Hope ya get it sorted out!

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    sure its not the starter solenoid, could be the stator coils, cdi and ignition coils.. but if its the ignition coils, should be one coils only, but mine lost all the sparks.. could it not be the slant switch?

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