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    Help with registering my ski?

    Well long story short, the people I bought my ski from can't find the lien release. Is there a way I can obtain one so I can get this thing registered?

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    Skiboy, according to your zip code, you're in Maryland... I think you're going to have to get some one from your own state to answer that question. There are a lot of differences between state regs. If you don't get a real answer soon, you can always contact your state dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries (or whatever dept. y'all have that takes care of registering/titling boats) Sorry I couldn't help you further.

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    There must be a paper trail betwwen the former owner and the bank they borrowed from...I'm sure it can be looked up and a document to back it up...

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    Thanks guys, I will have to give the DNR a call tommorow

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