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    Question Best FZR MoTeC tuner ?!!

    hey ..

    i just bought new 2011 yamaha fzr, and i orderd a lot of things
    and i need the best guy who can tune my ski ( online )

    i trust the tuners here is the area but i need somebody with more experience
    of tuning ski's .

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    Start with a list of your mods and download your .ld file to see were your at.
    What temps your running in (hot) and elevation (sealevel).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunna View Post
    What temps your running in (hot) and elevation (sealevel).
    That shouldn't matter too much, a well developed map should have all the proper compensations in place to accomodate these factors... and that is why a good tuners experience is well worth the money. what will change a map is when the engines VE is changed.

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    What is VE ? new terminology for me..

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