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    After market flame arrestors ?

    Just looking at getting abit more out of my 98 xp ltd and after market flame arrestors and re jetting seems the first step.

    I do a lot of ocean riding and wave jumping and my ski takes on a fair bit of water. Are there any problems of increased chance of water ingestion with aftermrket arrestors compared to the stock arrestor ?



    P.S - was aiming at following "bens secret mods" that seems to be the way to go - any comments ?

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    Plug the ports in the front of the ski and get outerwear for the filters. I'm sure the chances of ingestion are going to be greater. My 2 cents, and plans for the summer

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    i used ben's write up when building my xp ltd 951 over the winter and i love it.

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    Plus one for Pro K's and Outerwears and a re-jet.... Ohh and for blocking up the two front ports.

    Thanks to SURFnTURF for sorting out the filters and my jetting for me!

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    PROK Filters are about the only one's universally recommended for performance applications.

    However, the 'blue' pre-filters which may come with them are for dust, not water. Water will go right through them.
    If water ingestion is your concern then you need to get a set of the same pre-filters which are 'Black',, those are the water repellent ones which still allow for the best flow.
    Their part number is 006-585 for the XPL Mikuni 46mm Carbs. PROK F/A's

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