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    Seadoo GTX RFI 787 Idle-co setting

    Hi all do anyone know what the Idle-co setting on the mpem programmer must be? There is a setting for this on the RFI that states Indle-co and can be set in ms mine is now on 0.235ms?

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    If I recall that is not something the dealer can nomally see. Therefore most will not know what you are talking about, and it's not documented. The demo files with buds has -0.260 as the value. I don't know if that is correct or not.

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    Thanks for the info i will try it and see what the idling is like..appreciated...
    Thanks again for replying to my isue...
    on a diffrent note do you perhaps know what the price are on a Buds for me to work on the 4 strokes?

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