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    FZS Stage 3+ How to MAINTAIN? Common malfunctions?

    Greetings. I just upgraded my 2009 FZS to RIVA Stage 3 + 1000cc Fuel injectors and 3Bar MAP sensor. I was wondering if there are any recommendations as to scheduled maintenance for skis with this modification set up and what issues anyone has encountered with this set up that I should be on the lookout for.

    These machines are great and these modifications represent a huge investment of both time and $$$. Any advice on how to protect these investments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your hoses coming off or splitting. Even with the stage III kit, you will still have some stock water lines in your boat. You will want to make the $3 upgrade to replace them. And better clamps for your hoses. Especially the ones that go into and leave your intercooler. Hoses that have sharp bends we split or come off. My boat has filled up 5 times with water.

    But the biggest problem will be your clutch.

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