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    1996 Waveventure 1100 Fuel Line mystery

    I just bought my first waverunner. I water tested it before I bought and it ran great. After getting it home I noticed a couple of things that don't look right. There is a fuel line that connects to what I think is a fuel return on the fuel tank. The other end is not connected to anything. I thought it should connect to the carbs, but the connector on the front of the front carb is soldered shut, so it can't go there. Anyone know what the line connects to? The fuel pump has 3 fuel lines on it, one of which is plugged shut - is this correct? Also, there are 2 vents under the seat. One vents the battery, the other one has a line that is lying loose in the bilge. ???

    Can anyone help?


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    Fuel return line

    The fuel line from the pump connects to the rear bottom row of the #3 carb bank. The other end of the bank of fuel lines, on the top row, #1 carb - connects to the top of the fuel tank through a one-way valve. This is the way both of the 1100's I have are connected.

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