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    KDS Tool and software

    Can some one tell me where I can get the kds software and cables at a reasonable price. I have 2 stx 15 f and one of them will not start and have tried new fuel fliter and gas.

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    I assume you got crank and the right voltage from the batery, you checked the fuel so we can assume your injectors are working, the only thing missing might be the ignition. You are lucky as you got two of these, try to switch the modules, cables and injectors from the one that is working to the one that is not. Do it one parts at the time.
    It would take some time but you should be finding the solution without the kds and so on .

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the advice Hammy I will try this after messing around with it a while today it almost wanted to start one time so I will try the modules next as they are fairly easy to get to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammy View Post
    I assume you got crank
    Cranking doesn't necessarily mean engine is mechanically OK. Need to do compression check, or leak down test is even better.

    You can check the "current" error codes w/o the KDS by going into dealer mode from at the dash meter.

    Service manual shows how to do that and has a section what each code means. And you should already have that if you are serious about fixing anything properly on the ski.

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    I have a kds2 for sale in Aussie.

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    Got spark,fuel and compression? You say it kinda acts like it might start? Throw a new set of plugs in her....I'm guessing you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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