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    Wtb Rxp opas block off kit, R&D intake grate

    Hi guys looking to buy either new or used, opas block off system Re or regular, also r&d intake grate it can be used as long as it's in good shape and reasonably priced.. Send me a pm thanks!!

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    Thanks ) I sent em an email he hasn't replyied back

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    Did too haha sent some pictures to the email address you sent me.... or so i thought. Ill try again

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    do you want my r&d grate still?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willymvpalonso View Post
    do you want my r&d grate still?
    Hey man sorry, yes I do I'm trying to get my bro to let me borrow the money that's why I didn't get back hopefully he does

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPwilly13 View Post
    do you want my r&d grate still?

    Yo rxpwilly if you got the r&d intake grate still pm with price and pics thanks

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