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    WTB: 8 pin MFD harness any polaris 8 pin harness

    Title says it all. I'm replacing my MFD in my 2000 slx polaris and thus I need a proper 8 pin harness to replace the dreaded 12 pin one. I'm also still open to MFD's available for sale as I've not 100% committed to the one I'm getting so please speak now or forever hold your peace!

    Please let me know what you got!


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    I wouldn't swap the whole harness.....not only because it would be a pain in the ass but also because not just any 8-pin harness will work. You'd have to use something that had the same type of e-box as your 2000....the earlier SLs had different watertight fittings at the e-box and most likely wouldn't work with yours.

    I'd just swap your 12-pin connector with the proper 8-pin....should only cost you a few bucks and will be a hell of a lot easier.


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    Alright, I need an 8 pin connector then, even better and easier! Considering what I'm going through with my other ski right now, easier is better with this one!


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    I have one for you.

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    I have an 8 pin harness off of a 1998 SLTX.

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