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    Infos needed: RXT-X as 2011 and RXT-IS 2011

    Hi folks,

    I just sold my 2009 RXT IS. In fact, I had a great price and want a 5 years warranty and a new ski!

    Does the new 2011 still have the dess key problem (code when you enter de ski, won't start)???

    Also, I really like the X as 2011 but the suspension is there someone that has tried it??? Can't find any review on the forum...

    Which one to choose? X as 2011 or RXT is 2011?


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    Haven't ridden the AS but there are a few posts on this topic. Do a search. From what I have read, the AS has better dampening abilities in the suspension and is a touch more nimble. The IS is still a sweet ride, you won't be disappointed with either unless you don't like canary yellow, then definitely get the AS

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    I own an iS and have ridden an aS. There is no dock mode and you will have to set the height manually, but there is a big difference in the suspension damping, which is easily adjustable. The aS does not come with the boarding ladder or the cruise/slow modes standard, they are options. I am debating an aS, but I like the on the fly height adjustment of my iS. If I was able to add that adjustable reservoir, I would have the perfect ski. The damping made the aS more nimble as there was less "flex" of the deck vs the hull. I have a 2010 and have no DESS key issues.

    I do a mix of ocean and river riding, so the iS works best for me. If I was strictly ocean, I'd lean towards the aS. Huge difference between the 2 on the rough water handling.

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