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    Quick Question for FZR/ FZS - FXSHO owners

    Do you leave the plastic simulated valve cover off. To spray anti corrosion film on after each ride it just has to be removed anyway.

    Just was wondering if there is anything detrimental about leaving it off permanently??

    Thanks in advance !

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    Kristian Keppel Waterholics's Avatar
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    I leave mine on because I ride in the rough and if any water where to get in the hull it wouldn't fall on the engine. It's not doing any harm to the engine. I suggest to leave it on.

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    I take mine off but I rarely see rough water. A lot easier to spray the motor down after a ride

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    I went out for three hours on Saturday and there was not a drop in the hull . I think I will be ok leaving it off.

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    Whats that whistling noise? jtskier11's Avatar
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    Took it off and its in my basement. too hard to get to stuff under the cover anyway.

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    i took it off after the first day
    and it's been on the wall in the garage ever since
    with it on it lets water drip right onto the supercharger housing leaving a nice discoloration


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    One of the gurus here in Oz told me he leaves his off. So I started to leave mine off.

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    Off since day 1

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