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    Strange noise coming from pto area (i think) UPDATED WITH help? really?

    So ive done my research and no one seems to have hit the exact issue I'm having. Both on the trailer and in the water i can like a bad bearing noise (sounds like a dry fast spinning metal on metal). Of course its louder on the trailer being that the seat is off and such. But im not sure if its the PTO bearing or if its the superchargers washers, so and so forth. Any ideas? It only happens ad like a steady 1/8th throttle. No noise at idle and sounds fine in the higher rpms. I've been trying to figure this out for weeks, and i need to get the ski ready for this season. Thanks ahead of time for your input.

    P.s. - I'm new to these forums, so be gentle with the replies hahaha. Thanks again
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    welcome to the Hulk! year, make, model, top speed and rpms?

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    2004 RXP 215 supercharged, stock besides a solas impeller, i can get the details of it later i think its a 14/19, not sure of the top speed and rpms

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    can you tell if you are cavitating, ie in the water you hit the rev limiter without going anywhere quickly, no pickup? any vibration in the shafting? check your impeller from under the hull to see if its bent up or hitting anything.

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    no cavitation, impeller is good, and i don't feel or see any vibration, it really sounds likes a dry bearing i just can't figure out where

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    maybe ill take a video of it tomorrow and post it on youtube...

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    how many hrs?? if it sounds like marbles rolling around, it might be your pump bearings

    when mine went, it was really loud in the water,not as loud on the trailer though.

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    it only has 68 hours on it...and i took a video and posted it to youtube, but i have to wait for it to officially be uploaded.

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    Shaft bearing?

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