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Thread: 96 XP Battery

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    96 XP Battery

    Going to Advance Auto Parts tomorrow... What battery can I use from them in my XP?

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    Thanks s/ d-daddy

    I picked up a Magna Power ETX16L for $79 at AutoZone. Slapped it in and the engine turned over with out any problems. Now I gotta replace there fuel lines and clean the carbs so it will start.

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    People hate it when I tell them I use the cheap 16CLB from Wal-Mart. Had 2 of them now for 4 years and still work great. The key is proper maintenance. Most people just let them stay dead all winter then wonder why it won't take a charge. My bro-in-law has been through 2 $75 batteries since I've bought mine. I keep an eye on the water level in them, and during the off-season I keep them in my shop and peak out the charge every month.

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    thats what i run the cheap 45 dollar battery from wal-mart its the best

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    Yep.. been using them for years myself. I get an average of 4 years out of them also. Proper maintenance is the key to any lead/acid battery.

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