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    96 spx carb synchronize

    I am synchronizing the carbs on my spx : I am down to setting the idle now .Can anyone tell me the best position in fratcions of an inch or thousandths for the butterfly plate so i wont have to keep taking the flame arrest cover off .I am not near the water now and would like a baseline setting. My polaris sl650 manual shows 1/16 but seadoo just gives an rpm setting. Thanks

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    Sorry, no good way to do that. The throttle blades need to open exactly the same amount. You don't need to keep removing the flame arrestor to set idle. There is generally a way to get a hand in there and feel the idle screw, it should have a T handle on it. Just get a feel for it before you put the arrestor on and you'll be able to adjust it in the water.

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    You are correct. I walked to the other side and could get my fingers on it . Thanks

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