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    Virage TXI starts, runs, dies wont crank.

    2001 Virage TXI. After trouble shooting all winter on my 2 skis I thought I had them all figured out, at least they ran in the garage. Took them to lake this morning for some testing. Appears I got one of them fixed using the Kawasaki fuel pressure regulator. Seemed to run pretty good, got 55 mph indicated out of it. What kind of rpm should be max on these? Seemed to top out about 7500 rpm.

    Other ski not so much luck. It had a blown computer last year and I found a replacement and injectors to repair mine. It also had a fuel pressure regulator failure which I also fixed with the kawaski regulator. Ski seemed to run just fine in garage. Got it to lake, fired right up and started to idle out and ski died. Restarted and idled for about another minute and died again, then would not crank. Pulled it back to trailer, no crank at all. Disconnected battery, reattached, cranked right over and fired. Shut it off, put seat back on, fired back up, started to idle out, ran for about 1 minute died and no crank again. Trailered it home, fired right back up in driveway.

    Anyone got any ideas on what to look for?

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    Bypass the LR-503 Start/Stop module. Details via my signature links.

    If it works when bypassed, replace the module.

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