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    Roller bunk project:

    ok, picked up a set of these non marking roller bunks, and I`m going to try something a bit different.
    After removing one of those pressed on end caps off the roller axle/shaft I was able to fool around with the set up.. The Blue plastic piece is a gauge the width of the roller and the height of how much the roller sticks up from the C channel so I could gauge how close the metal C channel sides would be to the chines.
    The other reference pics are different placements of the roller back > front...
    There is a good 4ft of flat area from the rear towards the front, after that the hull starts to sweep upwards and the front sets of rollers may not even touch at that point.
    Then I proceeded with a simple mock up to see exactly how the mounting brackets and holes in the C channels line up..
    The placement of the roller assy is more towards the rear of the ski/trailer and that means that there will be on roller beyond the contact point of the hull. This is to help prevent the Bow/hull from hitting the rear crossmember...
    I don`t think there will be an issue with that bc the rear of the trailer is always under water and I generally float the ski on...

    hopefully this is a decent way to support the hull and not kill the bottom any more than it is...

    I now need to see what hardware is avail for reassembly.

    the roller axles/shafts are 5/8. they are 6 5/8 long. As shown in the pic the center line and roller in place. If these are cut exactly in half I believe I can install new pressed on end caps to give it that finished look or another suitable way...

    The plan is to omit the inner and outer rows, use the rollers to add more to the center, creating a single roller center bunk set up...
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    a few more:
    any thoughts?
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    This is exactly what hydrotoys and I have been talking about doing. Press on andy gpr lead the way! Ill be copying what you do here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insanediego Joe View Post
    This is exactly what hydrotoys and I have been talking about doing. Press on andy gpr lead the way! Ill be copying what you do here.
    couldn`t have done it without talking with you guys and your input/help!, thanks joe and mark!

    I just ordered the "pal nuts", 40 of them , the press on caps...

    I think the very most front roller might not come in contact bc of the upward curve, but we`ll see... lots of labor and waiting on some stuff...

    (my rear crossbar is rug covered to protect the keel/bow. it has always been like that on every ski trailer...)

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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    Atta Fella!!! Blazing a trail again. Keep up the good work Andy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XLT Chad View Post
    Atta Fella!!! Blazing a trail again. Keep up the good work Andy!
    haha, it keeps me busy!, can`t keep a good skilled union man down ya know

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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    I like it, where did you get them from?


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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeysevin View Post
    I like it, where did you get them from?

    Hey Sean, here ya go:

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    Did a little more today:
    Found an easy way to remove those "pal nuts". Collapse the pal nut right where the tang bites into the shaft by bending the edge down with a small punch, then take a small screw driver and stick it into the slot and work the pal nut up and off the shaft...
    Measured and layed out all the holes to be drilled. Made up a template to simplify things followed by checking the dimensions. Cleaned all the burrs off. Test fit each hole.
    Measured all the shafts and made a "cut line", again with a simple template, followed by measuring/checking. Will cut these another time... Measured and drilled the mounting bracket angle. done for today...

    shown is a little cardboard mock up to show the distance of the sides and Pal nuts in relation to the hull chines...

    Note* these will not be made to swivel. These will be hard bolted just like a set of carpeted bunks.*

    Crazy stuff huh?
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    the more I think about this, the more I think You should consider a mixture of bunk rollers. Without looking I think you can have 2-3 wide up front, where the chines seperate. It's in back, where only a single roll will fit, and causes the issues.

    Consider running the singles in the rear, and size your front area for 2 or 3. This will add some stability up front, where you "bang" the hull up on the trailer after a long day of riding. The rears will self-align, and will find their groove pretty easy.

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