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    Arrow SBT engine rebuilding and parts for Polaris PWC

    SBT (Short Block Technologies) has been in the PWC engine rebuilding business for a long time. In the past some customers have reported unhappiness with either the engine rebuild itself or the customer service related to the rebuilt engine, while others have reported positive experiences.

    In addition to offering their 'SBT specification' rebuilds for Polaris PWC engines SBT also offers SBT branded replacements for select Polaris PWC parts, and SBT crankshaft rebuilds.

    I would like to try focusing this discussion on the SBT products and services directly related to Polaris PWC. There are competitors and alternatives to SBT, which we can discuss elsewhere.

    In part the need for this discussion is driven by the expectation that Polaris Industries will further narrow the available range of various replacement parts for older models as time progresses, and some parts are already no longer available new from Polaris.

    Is is important and valuable to the Polaris PWC community that the full range available parts sources and repair/rebuild services resources be identified and utilized.

    While has a strong concentration of online Polaris PWC enthusiasts and information, I will mention that SBT also has two separate web forums;
    Shop SBT Forum is within the ShopSBT web storefront (formerly SBTontheweb).
    PWCtoday is hosted within Watercraft Superstore

    SBT offers two warranty packages with their rebuilt engines. One year and two year.

    Polaris sold PWC with several distinct engine types. I suggest it is worthwhile to evaluate each type separately where appropriate, in regards to SBT rebuilding and SBT parts.

    Blue Fuji engines
    650cc, 750cc, 780cc

    Pro 785 high performance engine
    Rebuild not available from SBT

    Red 'domestic' Polaris engines (carburetor)
    700cc, 777cc, 900cc, 1050cc, 1165cc

    Red 'domestic' Polaris engines (Ficht fuel injected)
    777cc, 1165cc *
    * SBT calls this Polaris 1200 DI v1 Engine

    Black MSX 140 Ficht engine 1192cc
    SBT calls this Polaris 1200 DI v2 Engine

    Weber 4-stroke turbocharged two cylinder engine
    MPE 750
    Rebuild not available from SBT

    Any technical question about SBT products contact Tom V .. [email protected]

    Any Sales related question contact jdcash12 Jeremy SBT . 1.877.330.0231
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    To try to keep it fair and as impartial as possible, maybe keep comments to that of your own personal experiences,rather than what you may have heard from someone else. I have only used their impeller refurb service. I have had 3 impellers done by them and for a stock application I think its a good service. I had a question about 1 impeller and I got to talk to Tom and he was very helpful. And I will say the 650 impeller done to their spec performs better than the stock one in terms of both top speed and acceleration

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    Okay, I have some direct SBT experience that I will relay.

    Purchased my '96 SLT780 in Feb. of 2004. The engine was blown the previous season and the owner had a local shop install an SBT reman. I ran it all of '04 and then on the 2nd ride of '05 (May) lost the center piston. Wasn't sure what happened only that there was a bunch of dimples on the piston and dome. I did notice a lot of oil in the hull but wasn't sure what to make of it. Local shop wouldn't even try to do anything because it was over 12 months since the engine was installed.

    I told the shop to take a hike, ordered a new SBT reman, installed it myself, and so began my life of Polaris wrenching. Upon receiving the engine I noticed the coupler side crank seal was not square in the case. I called SBT and they return shipped the engine and sent me a new one on their dime.

    That engine lasted 2 more seasons until the PTO piston became galled. Now I started learning about piston wash and realized the piston was solid black and thus lean. I ordered from SBT new rings for CEN and PTO, new piston and ring kit for PTO, honed everything and reassembled. This time I was VERY careful to ensure I had set the high and low needles on the carbs properly.

    So, the re-ringed SBT reman has lasted me 4 seasons now without any troubles. I have a low end bog that is a carb issue I need to address. However, at this point there is nothing related to the SBT rebuild process that is a problem.

    The engine failures to this point seem to be:
    1) '05 - Local shop used original oil lines when reinstalling the engine. I'm not 100% certain, but my belief is that oil line cracked and the cylinder went without lube.

    2) '05 - Bad crank seal was definitely a quality control problem. SBT was quick to stand behind the product.

    3) '07 - PTO piston went lean due to errors in setting carbs by the installer (ME ). SBT rings and piston installed to fix problem.

    I know SBT has a checkered past with some members and from comments I've read they probably deserve some of the heat they've taken. However, in my experience, when properly installed an SBT reman can work just fine for a recreational ski. Now, if I were looking to build a performance ski I think I would build the engine from the ground up myself and ensure all tolerances are dead on. But for just a joe schmoe ski to tool around the lake and play I think their replacement engines are a pretty decent deal.


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    SBT threads are sometimes emotional, but always entertaining.

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    Items I suggest are worthy of discussion;

    - SBT reshaping of cylinder heads (Fuji engines only?) to non-Polaris specification

    - SBT rebuilt engine cylinders bored to 1.0mm oversize (Fuji only?), somewhat restricting future top end refresh options
    (Are the SBT rebuilt engine cylinders always bored to +1.0mm?)

    - Converting Nikasil MSX 140 engine cylinders (1192cc engine) to iron sleeves and providing pistons originally meant for the 1165cc cylinder head profile

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    it's much easier to setup the machines one time to bore 100 cylinders at once if they had to reset the machine for every three cylinders it would take to long and cost more and then there a potential for more error and thats how they buy there pistons also .

    They like to run alittle less compression i guess and it's the same theory there cutting 100's of domes at a time if they had to redo the machines for every set it would not make sense .They are not selling you a performance engine just a good reliable one

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    We just put an SBT engine in Cigarlust's '95 SLX over a couple nights last week. We were hoping to break it in this weekend but ended up having to chase a couple electrical gremlins. He got the last one worked out this morning so hopefully he can do the break-in next weekend then then we'll start dialing it the carbs and see how it does.

    Hopefully we can post back a good review after he gets a few hours on it.

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    i have pistons coming from sbt .5 over and a seadoo handlebar cover ill report back but so far SBT's customer service has been extremley helpful i talked to jeremy btw

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    I've always bought things from WSM, which I heard was a spin-off of SBT on a "parts only" basis. However, I bought an SBT fuji crankshaft this year to replace one with a broken Mag rod, and it was cheaper than WSM's wholesale price and shipped very quickly. I also had two impellers that were in horrible shape redone by them a few years ago, and they came out great.

    One a side note, my SPX came with an SBT reman engine that had been reemed on hard while cold, so it needed rebuilt. One piston had the 'platinum' teflon coating and the other did not...which seemed fishy (both stamped SBT), plus I dad to go to 2mm+ over with the new pistons.

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    I been using SBT parts for year. They're close to me, about 15 miles. I never had any problems the employees have always been very helpful. Friday I stopped in to buy carb kits for a 1996 slt780 and also needed a couple of primer pump, which SBT doesn't normally sell separately, the guy at the counter went out of his way to find them at their sister store the Watercraft Superstore.

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