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Thread: T handle needle

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    T handle needle

    I am looking for the end caps for my low and high speed needle assembly. My ski doesn't have and its a pain to adjust. Anybody have ideas on best way (and least expensive) to get replacements?

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    They are a little pricey run about $10 ea I wish you posted this yesterday I have 4 extra of the low speed ones I could have sent you two with the springs. Check Jetski solutions they have some knobs that press on your stock ones also keep an eye on ebay.

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    low speed screw caps

    Thanks for the offer, but I couldn't take those too. you have already gone way out of your way and I appreciate it.

    Someone mentioned that its cheaper sometimes to buy the whole screw then to buy just the cap? Is that true?

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    ANy one have any experience with the billet screw covers? Are they fairly easy to use?

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