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    1998 Challenger 1800 help!! One Engine is b0gging other won't excedd 400 RPMS

    Good day I am the proud owner of a 1998 Seadoo Challenger 1800 Twin 110HP Rotax. I replaced both engines recently cause just thought it was time to compression on previous engines had gone down and one constantly was melting rave valve tops. Anyways I took the boat out for the first time since replacing engines and the RH engine full throttle keeps bogging up and down from 7200-5000 RPM's this also has new wear ring, rebuilt pump and impellar, along with 2 new rave valves. What can cause the engine to bog like this??

    The LH Engine starts up and idles PERFECT but when I give it full throttle will only rev up to 4000RPM or completely shut off. I just purchased brand new carbs from Mikuni for this engine but is there anything else that can be causing this problem??

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    the external fuel pump diaphragms are probably bad. they are not available individually, you have to but a whole new fuel fump from seadoo for about 88.49+ shipping. I can get them for a bit cheaper if interested.
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