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    Oil injection on a 97 xp???

    I recently purchaced a 97 XP which is my first pwc.The previous owner told me he had the engine overhauled during the winter along with rebuilding the whole driveline.He told me he also eliminated the oil injection for more accurate ratio of oil to gas.I didn't feel it was a problem when I bought it being that I've had 2 stroke dirt bikes in the past that did not have oil injection.Any thoughts on just running premix in the fuel tank?

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    welcome to GH! running premix is a basic guarantee that you have mixture happening. personally I need the oil injection because its a long walk back to the truck to get premixed gas. on the other hand i had the oil pump fail and seized my motor...basically how I found GH you can reinstall the oil pump if need be. you just have to do some work to get it done.

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    just make sure it has oil supplied oil to the rotary shaft

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