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    951 Aftermarket exhaust and flywheel questions

    I Have an aftermarket stinger pipe on my 98 gsx ltd 951. I am not sure who makes it. it is chrome. The mid pipe is stock. I had no idea they made just the stinger aftermarket and I am not sure of the benefits. Any Ideas?

    I also have a blue lightweight flywheel that the stock mag cup bolts on to. any ideas who made these for the 951s? I can post pics later if you want.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

    I am selling these and other aftermarket 951 parts if you are interested pm me


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    Guys Correct me if wrong. The stinger pipe mus be an R&D one. I think it gives more bottom end performance. The lightweight flywheel not sure who makes them but since it's light must give less restriction and more rpm acceleration?? Hope this helps.

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