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    What is my ski worth? 2002 GP800R with blown motor

    What is this ski worth if i want to sell it?

    2002 GP800R with blown motor (1 cylinder is ok and the other completely done)
    The hull is in pretty good shape, nothing really major just a few dings here and there.

    Yamaha OEM cover
    11/14 Solas Impeller (brand new only used for 1 ride)
    R & D Intake Grate (brand new only used for 1 ride)
    Riva Pump Seal Kit
    Riva Nozzle
    R&D Rideplate (brand new only used for 1 ride)
    K&N Flame Arrestors
    R&D Powervalves (probably need a new one for blown cylinder)
    Riva Stainless Steel Wear Ring (brand new only used for 1 ride)
    Gel Cell Battery (brand new only used for 1 ride)

    has a trailer which is not in great shape but would come with the ski for free pretty much

    I am unsure if i want to spend the money to fix this, as i think it would need a whole new block this time, not just rebuild cylinder/piston/powervalve.
    If i keep it i would definitely not fix it for this season, but maybe next, however if i can get a decent amount for it as is, i would sell it and get a newer faster ski for next summer.


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    I think it is only worth $1000 if your lucky. I have seen runing ones for $1500 to $3000. Evey one wants the 1200. You have some after market thing that will sell. Maybe part it out. But it will take a long time to get alot of money out of it. The thing is nobody buying much right now. Sorry I couldnt help.

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    I would be happy with getting $1400.. do you think this is possible?

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    Maybe to the right person. But if you plan on siting on it all summer you might get a few bits. if you have the stock parts put them on the ski and sell the after market part buy them self. In this economy I don't think it will sell, Because there is another cheap one to take it place. People are giving there stuff away. Again sorry I couldn't help.

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    I need the gauge cluster do you have? 856-718-4769

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    If you have the title I will defiantly take the hull? Get back to me and let me know if your going to part or just sell the whole thing ....


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    Sounds like you'd make out pretty well if you sell off all of your perfromance parts since they are fairly new, then put all your stock parts(assuming you still have them) back on thew ski and sell it for your $1000 or so. I would think you should be able to get close to your $1400.

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