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    300 LX -- Riva Sponson Best Configuration (Where is the sweet spot?)


    I am installing Riva sponson's on my 300 LX and have never tried them. The default configuration is for the most influence. Is there a configuration that benefits any top end speed at all or as I suspect it is for handling only. Looking for guidence where the sweet spot is for the configuration...

    Thank you for you help,


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    to be honest sponsons are going to come down to a personal preference as far as placement and what you are comfortable riding with.

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    I thought that might be the case. Looking for feedback to understand what some of those configurations may have been. I'll be taking it out this week so I'll learn trial by fire.

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    The 300 is the only ski I've ridden that I wouldn't change the stock sponsons, unless for bouy racing.

    Sponson setup is like ride plates on standups, everyone has their personal preferance.

    Also, loctite the screws.

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    I installed the RIVA sponsons 2 weeks ago. I was skeptical if I really need them. I ride open sea only so it ranges from flat water to chops.

    I would say the stock sponsons are not bad but the RIVA sponsons at the deepest setting give me so much rear end grip. I can still turn or throw the jet ski around with some anticipations. Of cos it is not gonna feel like a 2 seater. But I almost never lose the rear end grip anymore.

    Personal taste is also a factor. Some people like a loose feeling. Why not experiment with different settings?

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