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    Can't Maintain Idle

    I have a XR1800 Yamaha jet boat with two xlt1200 PV engines. My port engine will not maintain an idle. I have turned the black idle knob and I couldn't get the engine to maintain an even idle. I had a problem with the idling getting stuck when it got hot and I was going to do the "stuck idle" fix, but I cleaned the carbs and wanted to see if that made a difference. Could my problem have something to do with the throttle bushings?

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    By not maintaining idle do you mean it stalls out or won't hold a steady RPM? Will it stay running if you give it just a little bit of throttle? I know the boats with the non powervalve 1200's had issues with the fuel system and GroupK put together an electric fuel pump kit for them. Not sure if the XR boats have some of the same issues or not.

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    It will idle when I give it gas, but it will stall out as soon as I put the throttle all the way down. I thought it was the idle screw connects beneath the carbs. I pushed it in as far as it will go and turned the black knob.

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