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    Superjet 701w/ 62N

    Recently picked up a 94 SJ Slant nose w/701 62N engine. Does anyone have any general info on this "N" motor? I haven't seen any reference to this engine in any post or listing. Wondering if this motor is worth doing any mods or too weak?? Any info would help.

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    The 1994 Superjet came with 61X cases and a 61X cylinder. It isn't a bad engine. If you're looking to make basic improvements, I'd recommend a pipe (Factory Pipe), head (Kommander/Blowsion or ADA), msd enhancer, primer kit and impeller (Impros Hooker). That set-up would work really well for freestyle type riding. If your more into riding buoys and want more mid and top end power, you might want to look for a dry pipe. A few other things you might want to look at after the mods above would be a different intake grate, 46mm carb and porting.

    Hope this helps.


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