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    Butterflies Stuck

    Anybody have this issue? I have had theses tripple Kihein carbs soaking for two day's in carb cleaner and the lower butterflies are still seized shut. This sl1050 has not ran for 3yrs and it was used in saltwater. Is this irreversabel or can it be fixed. I know I need a carb kit but can I take the shafts out an take them to a polisher/grinder to clean them up?

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    Mine were stuck and soaking cleared it up. It takes time and patience. Mine was an sltx in saltwater as well.

    Mine was stuck on the pto and center carbs. The mag worked.

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    I have a couple sets of the original 97 SL1050 carbs, that I will not be using.
    You pay shipping ,you can have a set.
    PM me your addresss.

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    Thats one helluva deal.

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