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    New to jet skiing

    Hey guys I am new here and just wanted to say "HI". I just purchased my first ever jet ski and I was wondering what I need to look for as far as maintance goes. Its a 2000 Ultra 150 with 57 hours of fresh water use. It runs great and is fast, starts right up and came on a two place gal. trailer. One thing I did notice is that the pump or bearing makes noise at idle.Its a weird almost heavy rattle noise. If I give it just a little gas, like 1400 rpms it goes away. What could this be? Also what else should I look for?

    Thanks anthony

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    Welcome aboard, Nordic!

    Sounds like the pump bearing is going out. They do tend to make noise, especially when on the trailer.

    It would be a really good idea to inspect/replace the oil lines.

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    If the rattling noise you hear is while its on the trailer that is normal. Its just the impeller spinning in there. Should definatly check the bearing though as well as oil lines and fuel lines. Would not hurt to go through the carbs too.

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    what am i looking for with the oil and fuel lines? where is the best site to order parts from? and the noise is happening in the water also. how do i check bearings in pump? Thanks for all the help in advance. Anthony

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    Inspect the oil lines to make sure they are supple and not leaking. They often dry out and crack with age. After 10 years, it would be a real good idea to replace them with new polyurethane hose. I would also secure them with stainless steel safety wire, rather than those little wire band clamps that Kawasaki provides.

    I buy most of my parts from PowersEdge. I sent my pump to Skiworks for rebuild. They have had communications problems that have really upset some customers. They are now installing an extra seal in the old pumps, so ask about that.

    Other things you might consider include: Triple Pisser Mod; Strainer; Shredmaster Rideplate, Trim Mod, Primer.

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