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    installing new jugs and pistons on my 96 slx

    needed to know what the torque is on the jugs and my old pistons are black on top which i have found out is to lean how do i get it rich i new to the whole jet ski world need lots help i am replacing all three jugs and pistons any help is greatly appreciated

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    You need to get your hands on a repair manual.

    Also click on the link at the bottom of K447 posts. He's got tons of helpful info for you to read through.

    It sounds like you need to do some preventative maintainence as well. Otherwise you wouldn't need to be replacing the top end.

    Do your research before you start wrenching is my best advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    ... click on the link at the bottom of K447 posts.

    He's got tons of helpful info for you to read through...

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